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Carlos Alazraqui
Carlos Jaime Alazraqui (born July 20, 1962) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, voice actor, singer, impressionist, producer and screenwriter.

Animation Voice Work


  • ¡Mucha Lucha! - Rikochet (eps1-35)
  • Ben 10: Omniverse - Pyxi, Rad Dudesman, Scout, Additional Voices
  • Bordertown - El Coyote
  • Brickleberry - McGill (ep26), Not-So-Fast (ep21), Warden Tiny Smalls (ep20)
  • Camp Lazlo! - Chef McMuesli, Clam, Lazlo
  • CatDog - Beach Rat (ep2), Lube, Mr. Depot (ep1), Nerd Cat (ep2), Newsreel Narrator (ep2), Roachie (ep5), Tough Dog #2 (ep8), TV Announcer (ep10), Winslow
  • Chozen - Additional Voices
  • Codename: Kids Next Door - Additional Voices
  • Curious George - Janitor (ep68), Luke (ep82), Mr. Lixo (ep33), Mr. Zoobel, Recycle Worker (ep57), The Salesman (ep82), The Watchman (ep82), Wall Street Guy (ep73)
  • Dan Vs. - Additional Voices
  • Detention - Ramone "Gug" Gugleamo
  • DreamWorks The Adventures of Puss in Boots - Mayor Temeroso, Masked Thief#1, Masked Thief#3 (ep2), Phillip (ep15), Raul, Scimitar (ep10), Theveneau (ep4)
  • Fish Hooks - Mr. Caliente (ep15), Newscaster (ep15)
  • Hey Arnold! - Chas (ep11), Frankie G. (ep11), Man (ep10), Nigel (ep10)
  • Jackie Chan Adventures - Additional Voices
  • Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil - Amigo Grande (ep34), Big Guy (ep34), Principal Rival (ep41)
  • Kid Notorious - Additional Voices
  • Phineas and Ferb - Bobbi Fabulous, Dr. Feelbetter (ep13), Morg (ep183), Additional Voices
  • Planet Sheen - Blurg#2 (ep12), Emcee, Hat Monger (ep17), Mustache Monger (ep19), Vendor (ep1), Zeenuian (ep12)
  • Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja - Dave, Franz (ep9), Additional Voices
  • Rocko's Modern Life - Rocko
  • Sheriff Callie's Wild West - Tio Tortuga
  • Shorty McShorts' Shorts - Additional Voices
  • Sofia the First - Barker (ep7), Gnarlie the Troll, King Magnus, Ralph the Swan, Additional Voices
  • Special Agent Oso - Felipe (ep56)
  • SpongeBob SquarePants - Castle Fish (ep2), Fireman (ep9), Guy (ep11), Guy at Party #2 (ep13), Loser (ep2), Marshmellow Fish (ep2)
  • Squirrel Boy - Salty Mike, Argyll (ep2), Art Enthusiast#2 (ep9), Beef Jerky Vendor (ep2), Cap'n Puffy (ep10), Child (ep1), Clown (ep9), Contest Judge (ep21), Dairy Policeman (ep14), Drill Sergeant (ep5), Human Cannonball (ep9), Junk Booth Merchant (ep2), Kid Announcer (ep4), Kid Race Official (ep2), Motorist#2 (ep1), Mr. Johnson's Dad (ep6), Mr. Runion, Norman Heliotrope (ep9), Oscar's Dad (ep5), Pigeon (ep1), Scoutmaster Witherbones (ep7), Security Guard (ep2), Strongman (ep9), TV Cameraman (ep4), Talent Scout (ep7), Team Member#1 (ep4), Wisened Old Steve Employee (ep13)
  • The Angry Beavers - Gopher (ep2), Squirell (ep2)
  • The Fairly OddParents - Mr. Crocker, Chicken (ep3), Chompy (ep6), Computer Voice (ep3), Fairy Messenger (ep1), Jealousy (ep3), Mayor, Mean Looking Kid (ep1), Television (ep5), Waiter (ep1)
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy - Imp#3, Skateboarder, Waiter
  • The Life and Times of Juniper Lee - Michel Lee, Monroe, Agent#1 (ep13), Announcer (ep2), Ball of Knowledge (ep6), Banticore#2 (ep32), Barry (ep30), Big Monster (ep24), Blob Cop (ep18), Clark (ep33), Clown (ep1), Darnock (ep35), Demon#1 (ep5), Dolt (ep21), Dr. Irwin, Euro Trash#7 (ep7), Fight Promoter (ep14), Fish (ep7), Fish (ep40), Fisherman (ep3), Geeky Monster (ep20), Giraffe (ep16), Gnome Boss (ep23), Golf Monster (ep12), Goot (ep9), Helper Elf (ep8), Henchman (ep17), Henchman#1 (ep39), Kordoth, Lead Minion (ep2), Leprechaun#1 (ep25), Lord Balthezul (ep14), Magical Creature#2 (ep4), Manager (ep26), Mitch (ep27), Mr. Lee (ep30), Ninja#3 (ep33), Owner (ep20), Rabbi (ep19), Rex (ep23), Ricola Senior (ep3), Rock Monster (ep24), Securitos Troll#1 (ep25), Skape (ep10), Street Monster (ep40), Student Announcer (ep31), TV Announcer (ep34), Technician (ep38), Tiny Giant (ep15), Vacov (ep10), Vendor (ep13), Whammie Elf (ep9), White House Staffer (ep18)
  • TripTank - Gangster (ep4), Gorilla#4 (ep2), Miner (ep2), Silverback (ep2)
  • Uncle Grandpa - Austin (ep19)
  • Wabbit. A Looney Tunes Prod. - Leslie (ep7)
  • What's New, Scooby-Doo? - Jaime Herrera (ep17), Luis Santiago (ep14), Motor Cross Guy#1 (ep17), Roberto Torres (ep17), Umpire (ep14)
  • What's with Andy? - Craig Bennett (Season 1)



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  • Number of VA titles on this wiki: (88)

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