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Dee Bradley Baker
Dee Bradley Baker (born August 31, 1962) is an American voice actor.



  • Adventure Time - Angry Bird (ep6), Aquandrius (ep24), Baby Finn (ep5), Baby Fish (ep5), Baby Skeleton (ep7), Bellamy Bug (ep12), Bouncy Bee (ep21), Brain Beast (ep2), British Goblin (ep20), Bucket Knight (ep11), Bug Child (ep5), Candy Person#24 (ep25), Chet, Cinnamon Bun, Crabbit (ep67), Dr. Dextrose (ep21), Dragon (ep5), Eyeball Monster (ep11), Frog-Tiger Creature (ep6), Frog Knight (ep20), Giant (ep3), Gnome#1 (ep3), Goblin Slave#1 (ep20), Golem (ep24), Honey Bunny (ep21), Horse (ep7), Hot Dog Knight#5 (ep24), Ice Guy (ep5), Jelly Monster (ep11), Jeremy (ep6), Jiggler (ep3), Large Monster (ep25), Mama (ep3), Marauder#6 (ep5), Monster (ep12), Mr. Creampuff (ep1), Mr. Cupcake, Mushroom Magistrate (ep20), Novice (ep6), Old Man Gut Grinder (ep13), Party God (ep17), Piglets (ep20), Rock Golem (ep7), Royal Speaker (ep20), Shadow (ep6), Sheriff (ep10), Simon (ep17), Sleepy Sam (ep21), Soft Person#3 (ep13), Student Worm#3 (ep21), Tree Zombies (ep2), Wall of Flesh (ep2), Why-Wolf#1 (ep10), Worm (ep6), Additional Voices
  • American Dad! - Klaus Heissler
  • Axe Cop - Additional Voices
  • ChalkZone - Bullsnap (ep40), Old Man This Year (ep40), Sculptor (ep40)
  • Curious George - Gnocchi (eps64-66, 75), Juicy Jay (ep65), Loudspeaker Voice (ep73), Reginald the Clown (ep73)
  • Family Guy - Additional Voices
  • Fish Hooks - Dragon Fish (ep14), Peasant (ep14), Villager (ep14), Wolves (ep13)
  • Free for All - Angus
  • Jumanji - Additional Voices
  • Jungle Junction - Lance, Squeaky (ep47)
  • Shimmer and Shine - Nahal, Tala, Parrot (ep2)
  • Special Agent Oso - Turner (ep56)
  • Steven Universe - Centipeetle (ep1), Centipeetle Mother (ep1)
  • The Goode Family - Che
  • The X's - Animals (ep3), Dogs, Rex X, Stray Dog (ep10), Wild Boar (ep10)
  • W.I.T.C.H. - Cedric, Frost, Martin
  • Wabbit. A Looney Tunes Prod. - Squeaks, Grim (ep6), Krakos (ep7)
  • What's with Andy? - Alfred "Al" Larkin (Season 1), Martin Bonwick (Season 1)
  • What a Cartoon! - Big Bad Wolf (ep9), Dad (ep18), Pig#2 (ep9), Pomeroy (ep35), Wind-Up Wolf (ep9)
  • Winx Club - Announcer (ep142), Doorway to the Worlds (ep144), Electronio (ep151), Frankenstein's Monster (ep151), Guru, Kiko, Large Plant (ep141), Silly Plant (ep144), Treants, Vampire Boy#2, Wizgiz (Nickelodeon Dub)



TV Specials

Video Games

Web Animation

Web Series


  • Number of VA titles on this wiki: (75)

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