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Heroes of the Storm 2015 Logo
Heroes of the Storm (Originally titled Blizzard DOTA and later changed to Blizzard All-Stars) is a multiplayer online battle arena developed by Blizzard Entertainment for Microsoft Windows and OS X. The game utilizes a combination of heroes from Blizzard's Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft and other franchises and is set in the "Nexus". The game uses both free-to-play and freemium models and is supported by micropayments, which can be used to purchase heroes or visual alterations for the heroes in the game.

The game entered closed beta on January 13, 2015. The open beta of the game began on May 19, 2015, and the full version of the game was released on June 2, 2015.

Voice Cast (Confirmed)

  • Grey DeLisle - Nova, Li-Ming
  • Robert Clotworthy - James Raynor
  • Travis Willingham - Gazlowe
  • Samwise Didler - Samuro
  • Joe J. Thomas - Leoric
  • Carl Lumbly - Nazeebo
  • Micheal Sorich - Falstad Wildhammer
  • Jonathan Adams - Tyrael
  • Christopher V. Metzen - Thrall, Varian Wrynn
  • Keone Young - Chen Stormstout
  • Frederick Tatasciore - Zeratul
  • Laura Bailey - Jaina Proudmoore, Valla the Demon Hunter
  • Lauren Tom - Li Li
  • John Carlos Larkin - Muradin Bronzebeard
  • Jonathan de Lancie - Alarak
  • David P. Seitz - Artanis, Crown Prince Arthas Menethil
  • Liam O'Brien - Illidan Stormrage
  • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - Johanna
  • Michael Gough - Tassadar
  • Jamieson K. Price - Kharazim
  • Cara Theobold - Lena Oxton "Tracer"
  • Dolya Gavanski - Aleksandra Zaryanova "Zarya"
  • Athena Karkanis - Sonya
  • Michael McConnohie - Uther the Lightbringer, Xul, Lich King Arthas Menethil
  • Matthew Mercer - Ragnaros, Rehgar Earthfury
  • Neil Kaplan - Tychus Findlay
  • Patricia Mattson - Sylvanas Windrunner
  • Tricia Helfer - Sarah Kerrigan
  • Nika Futterman - Zagara
  • Karen Strassman - Chromie
  • Elisa P. Gabrielli - Tyrande Whisperwind
  • Steven Jay Blum - Rexxar, Dehaka, Abathur
  • Ed Trotta - Malfurion Stormrage
  • Courtenay Taylor - Sergeant Bama Kowalski "The Hammer"
  • Quinton Flynn - Kael'thas Sunstrider
  • Troy Baker - Gul'dan
  • Cree Summer Francks - Auriel
  • Micheal Bell - Medivh
  • David Sobolov - Azmodan

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