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Cary ElwesCas AnvarCase Closed
Case Closed: Captured in Her EyesCase Closed: Countdown to HeavenCase Closed: Dimensional Sniper
Case Closed: Private Eye in the Distant SeaCase Closed: Quarter of SilenceCase Closed: The Eleventh Striker
Case Closed: The Fourteenth TargetCase Closed: The Last Wizard of the CenturyCase Closed: The Lost Ship in the Sky
Case Closed: The Mirapolis InvestigationCase Closed: The Phantom of Baker StreetCase Closed: The Raven Chaser
Case Closed: The Time Bombed SkyscraperCasey KasemCasey Mongillo
Caspar PhillipsonCasperCasper's First Christmas
Casper's Haunted ChristmasCasper's Scare SchoolCasper's Scare School (TV series)
Casper: A Spirited BeginningCasper: Spirit DimensionsCasper (1996)
Casper Meets WendyCasper and the AngelsCassandra Hodges
Cassandra MorrisCasshan: Robot HunterCasshern Sins
Castle in the SkyCastle of Illusion Starring Mickey MouseCastlevania: Curse of Darkness
Castlevania: Harmony of DespairCastlevania: Lament of InnocenceCastlevania: Lords of Shadow
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2Castlevania: The Dracula X ChroniclesCastlevania Judgment
Castro GonzagaCat's EyeCatDog
CatDog and the Great Parent MysteryCat AgentCat Planet Cuties
Catarina AvelarCatarina BaguinhoCatarina Furtado
Catarina MatosCatch That KidCatch Up with Luffy! The Straw Hats' All-Out Battle (One Piece Episode)
Cate BauerCate BlanchettCatero Colbert
Catey SagoianCatherineCatherine Allard
Catherine BattistoneCatherine CavadiniCatherine Disher
Catherine O'HaraCatherine TaberCatherine Zeta-Jones
Cathrine Bang NorumCathy CahnCathy Weseluck
Catnapped!Cats & DogsCats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore
Cats Don't DanceCatscratchCattanooga Cats
Cave Kids: Pebbles & BammBammCecil BaldwinCecilia Bach
Cecilia Zwick NashCecilie JørstadCecilie Steinmann Neess
Cedric The EntertainerCees van OyenCelebrity Deathmatch
CencorollCenturionsCesare Polacco
Cezary PazuraChad BowersChad Cline
Chad CoxChad EinbinderChad Ford
Chad HalbrookChad JamesChad Lowe
ChafūrinChaika - The Coffin PrincessChain Chronicle – The Light of Haecceitas –
Chainsaw RichardChalkZoneChallenge of the GoBots
Challenge of the Super FriendsChampions: Return to ArmsChampions of Norrath: Realms of Everquest
Chance MunstermanChance Pop SessionChanging History, Unchanging Heart (Bleach Episode)
Chanjira NimpitakpongChannel Umptee-3Chantal Strand
Chantana TarajanChao-Li ChiChaos;Child
Chaos;HEAdChaos DragonChaos Rings III
Charbel AyoubCharbel RahméCharity James
Charlene IngramCharles BakerCharles Chun
Charles DennisCharles FleischerCharles Glover
Charles HallahanCharles HowertonCharles Kimbrough
Charles MartinetCharles NapierCharles Nelson Reilly
Charles PestelCharles S. DuttonCharles Shaughnessy
Charlet DuParCharlie AdlerCharlie Campbell
Charlie CountrymanCharlie DayCharlie Elvegård
Charlie PanapaCharlie SchlatterCharlie Sheen
Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryCharlie and the Chocolate Factory (Video Game)Charlotte's Web (2006)
Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great AdventureCharlotte Ardai JenneforsCharlotte Frogner
Charlotte GuldbergCharlotte Rebtun AndresenCharly Luske
Charlyne YiCharmander (Pokémon)Chas Naylor
Checkin' in with GoofyCheech MarinCheer Boys!!
Chelsea KaneChelsea LindbladChelsea Peretti
Chelsea Ryan McCurdyCherami LeighCherry 2000
Chestnut: Hero of Central ParkChevy ChaseChi McBride
Chiaki OmigawaChiaki TakahashiChiaki Yūma
Chiara ColizziChiara ZanniChibits: Sumomo and Kotoko Deliver
Chick VenneraChicken LittleChicken Run
Chico AnysioChie KōjiroChie Nakamura
Chieh-Hui HsuChieko HondaChiem van Houweninge
Chihiro SuzukiChihiro TakashimaChika Anzai
Chika FujimuraChika FujitōChika Horikawa
Chika TamuraChikao SuzumuraChikao Ōtsuka
Chikara ŌsakaChildren Who Chase Lost VoicesChildren of the Corn III: Urban Harvest
Chill Out, Scooby-Doo!China, ILChinami Hashimoto
Chinami NishimuraChinatsu AkasakiChisa Yokoyama
Chiwa SaitōChizu HosakaChloe Bennet
Chloe DanielsChloë Grace MoretzChobits
Chocotto SisterChokeChowder
ChozenChris Andrew CiullaChris Burnett
Chris CasonChris CoxChris Diamantopoulos
Chris EdgerlyChris EvansChris Forbis
Chris GardnerChris GuerreroChris Hackney
Chris HardwickChris HemsworthChris Hill
Chris HuryChris HutchisonChris Isaak
Chris Jai AlexChris KleinChris Latta
Chris McFarlandChris MessersmithChris Miller
Chris NiosiChris O'DowdChris Parnell
Chris ParsonChris PattonChris Phillips
Chris PrattChris RagerChris Rios
Chris RockChris RyanChris Sanders
Chris SarandonChris SeavorChris Sutherland
Chris TergliaferaChris WicklundChris Williams
Christel BlunckChristian André RødfjellChristian Bale
Christian BarmenChristian BergChristian Borle
Christian DamsgaardChristian Greger StrømChristian Heep
Christian Henrik GullaksenChristian IansanteChristian Lanz
Christian PotenzaChristian SkolmenChristian Slater
Christian TramitzChristian Tranberg HansenChristiana Anbri
Christiane MonteiroChristiane Schaumburg-Müller O'ConnorChristiane Tourneur
Christie MellorChristie VelaChristin Borge
Christina HendricksChristina KellyChristina MacGregor
Christina StroupChristine AutenChristine Brandner
Christine CavanaughChristine Marie CabanosChristine Meyer
Christine SkouChristine WilliamsChristmas Cottage
Christmas in TattertownChristoffer RavnebergChristoffer Skov
Christoffer StaibChristoph WaltzChristophe Lemoine
Christopher AyresChristopher B. DuncanChristopher Bevins
Christopher CassarinoChristopher Corey SmithChristopher Daniel Barnes
Christopher FairbankChristopher GazeChristopher Jacot
Christopher JudgeChristopher JørgensenChristopher Kohn
Christopher LeeChristopher LloydChristopher McCulloch
Christopher MillerChristopher Mintz-PlasseChristopher Pickering
Christopher PlummerChristopher R. SabatChristopher Ragland
Christopher RandolphChristopher WalkenChristopher Wehkamp
Christy Carlson RomanoChrome Shelled RegiosChronexia And The Eight Seals
ChronicleChuck ChickenChuck Deezy
Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000Chuck HuberChuck McCann
Chuck MoshontzChuck Norris: Karate KommandosChuck Olson
ChuggingtonChōChūnin Exam on Fire! Naruto vs. Konohamaru!
Ciara BravoCiarán HindsCillian Murphy

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